Tuesday, 12 March 2013


I've just registered on icraftgifts.com to try to sell some of my creations. I haven't posted anything yet but hope to do so over the next few days. It's similiar to Etsy and Artfire except it only sells handmade items and it's based in Toronto and I'm nothing if not a Toronto booster. I also like the fact that it's a smaller site (so far!) so not as much competition and much easier shopping experience since there's not so many items to scroll through. My store is Wired Nan Studio..... here's hoping this venture works out for me.
I'm feeling a little blue today since I was sent home from work because I can't do the work anymore due to severe osteoarthritis in my hands. I'm a nurse in a very busy endoscopy unit and use my hands all day long. Anyway my Dr. has ordered me onto modified duties and the hospital has sent me home on paid sick leave until they figure out what to do with me. It's a bit depressing since I will have to leave my unit and colleagues and start over in another job which won't be my choice of where I want to work. I had hoped to stay where I am until I can retire in a couple of years so this has really thrown a spanner in my plans! If they can't find a suitable position for me I may have to go on total disability! More time for jewelry making but less money.

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