Monday, 14 July 2014

And the winner is........

I've been very neglectful of blogging lately but I will explain why later in the post. Right now I owe all the participants and readers of the second annual "My Country blog Hop" a followup giveaway. I was touched by all of the response to my blog hop and there was such enthusiasm that I feel sure |I will continue it again next year. I've entered all the names of the participants and other blog readers into to choose the winner. And the winner is.....Dini of Please send me your postal address, Dini and I'll send these Canadian earrings off to you. Congratulations, my friend!

Since the blog hop and while participating in a couple of others I've gradually changed direction in my studio. I feel like I've dropped off the jewelry making world and landed in p.c. heaven. I've been dabbling in polymer on and off for the last year but have just recently become completely immersed in it. All thanks to Ginger of The Blue Bottle Tree who has put together the most fabulous tutorials on creating with pc.
This is the one I've been playing with and it's great.Clear, step by step instructions and many,many colour photographs of every step and lots of inspirational ones to spark your own creativity. I have bought a few tutorials but this one is by far the best. If you're thinking of exploring polymer clay any of her tutorials would be a good place to start. I have multiple beads and pendants at various stages of development but none are yet ready for public viewing. Soon........!

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  1. O wow, thanks so much Nancy! That's a lovely lovely souvenir, these earrings. ♥ I'm doing a Happy♥ Dance!!!


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