Sunday, 29 March 2015

My new blogging friend!

Thanks to the Grow Your Blog Party hosted by Vicki Boster of 2BagsFull  in January of this year I met several wonderful craftspeople and bloggers. It is so much fun to reach outside of the jewelry and polymer clay world now and again. It's a great way to meet people AND get more followers for your blog. Vicki organizes it in January each year but the info to sign up for it comes out around October. Definitely worth checking out if you want to get more eyes on your blog and enjoy a great party as well!
Linda is another Canadian blogger who is very talented in quilting.....something I know nothing about. While reading her blog a few weeks ago I came across a post describing a quilted pouch she made for her iPad and I fell in love. Linda was nice enough to agree to make one for me and it arrived here 2 days ago! She knows that I'm blogging about this and in fact she has done the same on her blog. She doesn't have a shop where she sells things but she is incredibly gifted in her sewing technique and her use of colour. See what you think! And stop by and check out Linda's blog StitchLines

I love the colours and it matches perfectly my plastic purple iPad stand so I'm perfectly co-ordinated for a change!


  1. Thanks Nan, for your very kind comments, and the link to my blog. Check out my latest post and a project I got well underway yesterday at a Guild workshop. Such fun to spend a day sewing with friends! I am so glad you are happy with your iPad case, and yes you are perfectly co-ordinated now!! Enjoy!!

  2. What a lovely iPad case, gorgeous work that Linda did.

  3. What a beautiful case, Nan! I love seeing Linda's talents at her blog, and it is extra special that she is a fellow NBer :) Thanks for sharing this!


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