Friday, 10 April 2015

Happy Birthday Butterfly Blog Hop and the 2015 Polymer Clay Challenge continues......

Alenka of Pepita  Handmade is hosting this Butterfly challenge to celebrate her birthday. We were tasked with creating something butterfly themed. I totally fogot about this one and have nothing to share. I guess I've been so caught up in the PC Challenge with a weekly post that my brain couldn't contain all of my commitments. Sorry but I will be visiting everyone's blog to see all the lovely butterflies! Enjoy!!!! Here is the list of the participants. ( ignore that last name!)

1. Alenka (Pepita) 

2. Monique (A Half-Baked Notion)
3. Beti Horvath
4. Kathy Lindemer
5. Kepi
6. Christine Altmiller
7. Amy S.
8. Dini Bruinsma
9. Cynthia (Antiquity Travelers)
10. Alicia
11. sheilaposter
12. Therese Frank
13. Rebecca White
14. Rachel Mallis
15. Liz E
16. Ana (ACBeads)
17. Jasvanti Patel
18. Carolyn
19. Nan Smith

Wow, it's week 14 of the #2015PCChallenge  and I've managed to post an entry for every week so far! If you knew me you'd know how unusual that is. Always very enthusiastic at the start of a challenge but I tend to drag my feet as it progresses. Not the best with follow through ! However this challenge is different because I'm having so much fun playing with the clay and there is such amazing variety of techniques and tools to experiment with  Anyway here is a summary of the last few,weeks:
Week #8 : stamping and gilders paste

Week#9 : lace cane

Week#10 : flower cane earring beads

Week #11: First time with chalk pastels and Helen Briel texture sheet.

Week # 12:More cane work.

Week # 13: My favorite project this month....cuffs made using texture sheets and gilders paste. Love them!

Week # 14: Pan pastels are wonderful on polymer clay!

This is a weekly challenge that I'm participating in on Facebook. It's amazing to see the talent and variety there is in this art. If you want to see more here is the link. I'll be posting my contributions periodically on my blog but every week on FB.

Have a wonderful Spring weekend. I hope you get lots of sunshine where you are!


  1. Oh - you have made so much in the last few weeks- great work!

  2. Hi Nan,
    Sorry you missed the butterfly hop, but your polymer clay creations are beautiful.

  3. Loving all your polymer! and those cuffs - never seen any like that before - wow!

  4. I absolutely love the cuffs you made using texture sheets and gilders paste. Amazing!


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