Monday, 21 March 2016

Etsy shop update.

I've been making like crazy since Christmas and it's almost Easter so I figured it was time to post some of my results. I've been focused mainly on jewelry components made of polymer clay and that's what I've listed in my shop along with some shawl pins. I still have  many boxes full but I only managed to get my listing total up to 60. I'm aiming for 100 in the next few weeks. I've heard that is the magic number!
I don't usually link to my shop in my blog so forgive me if this is a problem. It's not going to happen regularly. Here's the link to the latest edition of my Etsy shop. There will be another one on April 5th when all Etsy shops will be updated.
I hope you'll get a chance to visit my shop. Any comments are very welcome!

These are some of my new shawl/hair pins.


  1. The shawl pins look amazing - good luck with your store

  2. The pins look beautiful Nan. Good luck with your Etsy shop.

  3. 100 is the magic number .... well that's really a lot ;0)) !
    Like your recent work very much, Nan!
    xoxo, Michi

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