Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Art Bead Scene Monthly Challenge

I have to admit that this challenge is one of my favorites. Each month a work of art is posted with a description and history of the artist. The challenge is to make a piece of jewelry inspired by the work and/or create art beads inspired by it. I don't  participate regularly because I frequently am stumped by this challenge. I have started many projects then discarded them in disgust. the quality of the art beads on this blog is quite high so I won't post anything I'm not satisfied with.

This month the art is Simultaneous Dress Next to Simultaneous Car from
Vogue magazine in January 1925. It is by Sonia Delaunay and George Lepage. They describe the style as simultanism, a form of Cubism with a focus of colour...aimed to created rhythm, motion and depth through overlapping patches of vibrant hues.

The colours, shapes and contrast appealed to me. I didn't see red, white and blue but rather a deep reddish orange instead of red and those are the colours I worked with. Unfortunately the orange I used ended up looking quite red once I had finished with it.
I have been working on my technique of building canes of polymer clay. I thought that the geometry of this art translated well into canework so I made a cane of triangles in the contrasting colours. The problem I have is with canework is the rigidity of the designs so I always have to add my own twist to the results and usually  warp the patterns in some way to express my love of abstract designs
. I made beads covered with a veneer of clay made from the cane . Even though I didn't plan it that way the beads ended up with a star in the centre . I was aiming to replicate the triangles in the design.

While playing with the cane I  also made these long earring beads inspired by the angularity and geometry of the art challenge. 
I hope you enjoyed seeing my entry to the ABS February Challenge. Check their blog on the 29th to see all the other entries.