Sunday, 16 June 2013

Elements of Summer!!

 Toltec Jewels has  issued this challenge/ blog hop for us to express our interpretation of Summer Elements. It has been a revealing exercise for me and since I've been thinking so much about Canada these days in preparation for my own upcoming Blog Hop I decided to talk about what summer is like here in:


"We get summer here too, and it is so beautiful!"

 For me ,summer officially begins with blooming of the Sakura cherry blossoms in High Park across from my apartment  in Toronto and continues with the stunning views of the gradual greening of the city and always magnificent rainbows visible from my apartment overlooking the park and Lake Ontario! I can count all the sailboats taking advantage of Toronto's beautiful waterfront,sometimes there's over 100! Of course Nelson loves the sun, the breeze and the view of our pool!

One of my favorite traditions of summer is going to see the Toronto Blue Jays, our "Boys of Summer" at the stunning Roger's Centre (which I still call the Skydome) at the foot of the world famous CN Tower. My son and I share a love of baseball.
It's especially fun on sunny days with the dome open.We has a great day in June.

As wonderful as summer is in Toronto I am looking forward to cottage country in August. I have the privilege of spending a week every summer at a little piece of heaven in the Rideau Lakes region of Ontario. Two of my oldest friends, Sandie and Pat, have included my BFF, Tish , and me in their celebration of summer at their rustic family cottage and we always have a fabulous time. Summer is not complete until we make the road trip to Sand Lake!
Beautiful lights , sounds and views are the summer elements evocative of this sublime experience! I don't have a lot of my own pictures of cottage time because I'm usually too blissed out to bother taking pictures. I've Googled several images all of which represent summer at the lake for me.I hope you enjoy my summer elements and learn a bit about Summer in Canada!
Loons! Beautiful with a haunting song that echoes over the lake  and instantly relaxes me!
Mojitos on the deck! They also help with relaxation!
Northern Lights
Not our deck but the view is identical!
Our view!
The Canadian Shield

Thank you Rita for this wonderful start to Summer 2013!

The Summer Elements Blog Hop Participants:
Toltec Jewels (Hostess)
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Mary Govaars          
Becca Sirevaag        
Lennis Carrier          
Regina Wood           
Sue Kennedy           
Kathleen Breeding   


  1. Summer in Canada looks GREAT. We are baseball fans too.. But I am an A's fan.. lol Enjoy your summer :)

  2. I can see why you love Canada in the summer! You deserve it after those long winters.

  3. Oh my gosh - your photos are all so beautiful - the city views, the Northern Lights, the rustic woods - they're all fabulous!

  4. Wow Canada Beautiful Cananda. I have no word to express myself about the beauty of your country where we went 4 years ago. We love and we will sure come back.

  5. You made my husband want to go visit. We already wanted to go to Vancouver so now we'll add Toronto to the list too.

  6. Nan, I'm making travel plans now! Tell Nelson to get ready for me and a little Chihuahua named Pancho to head your way! We'll be RV'ing our way there soon! LOL ;)

    You really do make me want to just head up to the GREAT WHITE NORTH. Your view is beautiful, as is your summer! Beginning with the Sakura cherry blossoms, full of fun activities with your son, and ending with a road trip with friends to a cabin at Sand Lake -- summer is Canada is wonderful!

    I love your pictures and the ones you shared. Sand Lake cabin retreat is amazing. Do you really see the Northern Lights? Oh that's on my vacation/ lifetime dream wish list!

    Thank you for sharing your lovely life, your family, your fabulous apartment, your nurturing days and beautiful summer!


  7. Your photos could be in a travel brochure for Canada, yes, even the winter ones. The unspoiled beauty is wonderful. The city ain't bad either, LOL!

  8. Wow, I love your pictures. Your summer elements is done beautifully

  9. You show me a world that's completely different from mine, living in the Netherlands... And wow, that Northern Light!!! Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures, what a wonderful world!

  10. What great pics! Thank you for sharing your summer in Canada.

  11. Beautiful pictures, thank you for sharing!

  12. I've only spent a brief time in Canada, and then only in a couple of cities (Toronto and Montreal), after seeing your pics I would love to go back and spend some more time there.

  13. Wow, great pictures and an amazing glimpse into a place I have never been. Thank you so much for sharing!!! Have a Blessed Day!

  14. I love your post....beautiful.

  15. beautiful pictures & place...
    hope someday i could visit canada...

  16. Great pictures. I love how you transitioned from the snow scenes to the blooming cherry tree.

  17. Hehehe, your winter doesn't look all that different from our winter in Wisconsin! ;) This year was a rough one. Lasted forever! I'm so glad it's summer!


  18. What a lovely post Nan. Toronto looks like such a beautiful place to live.


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