Saturday, 29 June 2013

It's here!!! Reveal day for My Country............Of Thee I Bead!!!!!

Welcome to reveal day! I had a thought (at least one a day is good for you!) about creating a Blog Hop /Challenge where people would design and make a piece (or pieces) of jewelry that reflected the country where they live (or were born in).  ( I know that's too many parentheses but it's how I think)!
I decided to plan it around Canada Day which is July 1 and July 4th , Independence Day in the U.S.A.. The response I've had has been phenomenal considering it's my first time attempting this and my blog is still a baby!!!
I hope you have fun hopping and seeing what everyone has created! The list is below.
I have had several fabulous ideas about pieces to create but so far none of them have worked out in reality.  It's been a fun exercise thinking about my fabulous country and what objects symbolize it for me. There are many things that are distinctly Canadian and you may not be aware of them so I will share a few here.

Canadian cuisine! What's that you say? Here is a great post on the subject from a blog I enjoy. Several foods have originated in Canada but the one that stands out and is quite trendy at the moment is Poutine! This is a high fat, high caloric, high cholesterol  French Canadian treat which combines french fries, cheese curds and gravy!

 Delicious and featured on many menus in Toronto which has fabulous eateries. I have heard it's becoming popular in NYC and Chicago! So keep your eyes open for a taste of Canada coming your way in the future. For this challenge I wanted to make a poutine brooch using polymer clay but it turned out to be too big of a challenge for me . I've  only just started experimenting with Polymer clay and have found the learning curve quite steep! I made some Canuck food jewelry but I'm not quite finished so I will post them later in the day.( poor showing for the host, eh?)

This picture shows my failed clay cane which was supposed to become a beautiful white trillium which is the official flower for my province of Ontario. As you can see I have a long way to go before I can make jewelry from polymer clay canes!!!

Hockey used to be a Canadian sport but it has expanded south of the 49th parallel and has become an international sport. I still like to think of it as Canadian. Lacrosse was originally a native Canadian sport that  was adopted and adapted by Canadian arenas to make use of the rinks during off season for hockey. Similar to hockey but played in summer with netted sticks ,rubber balls and hunky men running  in shorts!!! Pretty exciting game too! Of course having a boyfriend in high school who was a lacrosse star added to my excitement. I spent many hot, sultry  summer evenings watching the boys attack the little black ball and each other. Have I mentioned it's a more violent game than hockey?
I attempted to make a lacrosse stick brooch but got stumped with the netting!

The more I have reflected on what makes Canada Canadian ,the more ideas I discover. The only difficulty has been translating these ideas into jewelry. Even though I created this blog hop I'm afraid I haven't met the challenge very well. I am looking forward to seeing what everyone else has created for their countries.
I'm still struggling with the concept of a Bieber Bangle!!!!! In a certain age group all over the world he is our most famous Canadian!

Here are this years participants with their Blog and their country of inspiration.
the country in brackets is where they now live.

Nan Smith (host): Canada

Dini Bruinsma: The Netherlands

Stephanie Weiss :  USA

Ana Cravidao (ACBeads) : Portugal

Vera:   Germany (USA)

Delilah:             Romania

LiliKrist:                            Indonesia

N Vakentine Studio :  Canada

Karin:                                Calgary, Canada

Diah Anggreni :         Indonesia

Karen :                                 Australia

Cath Thomas :                    Switzerland

Asri Wahyuningsih :     USA

Crysalis Jewelry Design                                              Denmark ( Canada)

Jasvanti Patel:         USA

Lola:              USA

Beccy Peterson           Sweden (USA)

Paula Hisel :    USA

Inge von Roos:                Germany

Laurie Vyselaar:     USA

Toltec Jewels:    USA

Anindita Basu:  USA

Please check out their blogs to read their stories  and enjoy their creations.
Have fun! 

Nan from Canada.....Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canucks!


  1. What a neat idea and your dish looked yummy.

    You make beautiful jewelry.

  2. Thank you so much for putting this hop for us.
    I love fries or chips(British). I am looking forward to having them here in California.
    Your clay orchid looks fine.
    I tried working with clay before and I am so bad, but I bought resin clay and will give it a try.
    Thanks again

  3. Nan, thank you very much for organizing this event. I've had much fun in participating and I love your post - it provides an overview of Canada's culture, cuisine and sports. If I had the chance, I'd love to try poutine, it looks delicious to me. The trillium you've made with clay is beautiful. I've just read in the Wikipedia there are some people in Portugal playing lacrosse - a sports I didn't know it existed until today. Nevertheless, roller hockey (inline) is a popular sports here. Have a great weekend. Ana

  4. Nan.... thank you so much for organizing this blog hop... this is really fun and make you search for your country characteristics and uniqueness.....Love your flower clay, I think it is a beauty....

  5. Greetings Nan,

    I agree with ACBeads that your flower is indeed a beauty! What an art polymer clay is -- keep at it, you can do it :) I do know a fabulous teacher with amazing tutorials -- Tina Holden! Check out her ArtFire shop, Etsy, and website for some incredible tutorials. Your trillium is lovely.

    Did you sketch the lacrosse brooch yourself? It looks intriguing. I hope you post a photo of your creation later.

    I've always heard how good French Canadian cuisine is -- nurturing and comfort food -- sounds like Poutine!

    Gacias for hosting our hop today! I enjoyed creating based on a colorway representation. I had so much fun making the Sunshine State and Maize into jewelry.


  6. Hi Nan,

    Thanks for hosting this hop!

    Poutine actually looks good but how many calories is in that plate you show? I guess that makes me glad we don't have it available locally where I live. I don't need another high calorie tasty treat to crave.

    Keep at the clay! I can see great potential. I'm looking forward to your next clay adventure :-)

  7. Always never give-up =)
    And thank you for the theme of this challenge. I love it.

  8. Hi Nan,
    we missed the poutine, when we visited Canada last year. But that was the western part :-)The trillium is beautiful indeed, and not so easy to create with the polymer clay I think, you did a great job! Thanks for telling us about 'your Canada'. I've been reading your story with pleasure!


Thank you for all your lovely comments! I love to read them and they really make my day.