Sunday, 19 January 2014

Finally getting settled.

We've been in our new/old house for 3 months and are finally getting the whole electrical system overhauled. It's been a busy 3 months getting everything sorted out and a lot has had to wait until the electrics were done. The 110 year old house had mainly knob and tube wiring and the insurance company insisted that we update which we were happy to do to make it safer and more efficient. Before we started this work our basement drains backed up and we had to have the cellar dug up and new drains placed. There were still cast iron drains and their life span was exceeded. Not an expense we budgeted for but at least it's done and we don't have to worry about that for at least 20 years. The electricians will be finished this week so we can start arranging the house the way we want it and do some decorating.We're replacing the old fashioned light fixtures including the plastic chandelier in the living room. It really was quite tacky!

I've been itching to start making jewelry and try out some of my new beads and tools I've been buying lately. I got a tumbler and am looking forward to polishing and hardening my work. Hopefully I'll produce enough inventory to set up an Etsy shop and get a website up and running. It's going to be a busy time but lots of fun creating!!!
As well, I'll be spending more time blogging and entering blog hops and challenges over the next few months. I love blog hops because they really challenge me to stretch my creativity and learn new skills.

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