Thursday, 24 April 2014

Two Days in Toronto

Spring is slowly arriving here in Ontario with sunny but chilly days the norm. Oh, how I crave the heat!

I spent the last 2 days in Toronto with an eventful dentist appointment followed by a sleepover with my good friend Meg and lunch and window shopping with my great son, Robbie!

I have been having extensive dental work done over the last few months which cumulated on Tuesday with a whole new set of teeth! If you haven't seen pictures of me before you probably can't appreciate the improvement but believe me it is like night and day when you see the new me. I don't usually include selfies on my blog but this one I couldn't resist. Excuse my vanity this time but I am very happy.

Meg's birthday is May 5th and since she loves birdies and blue these are the earrings I made for her.
They suit her perfectly!

Met up with my son for lunch on Queen St West in a funky little place called the Java House which has quite good food and reasonable prices. A rare find in downtown Toronto. Being a jewelry designer is very frustrating for a mother of a son who doesn't wear jewelry of any kind. (luckily his girlfriend does) but  I couldn't resist making him this dogtag necklace with this wonderful " I Am Not A Number" piece made by Petra of Scorched Earth. It's been sitting in my stash for over a year just waiting for inspiration to strike. It seems really appropriate now since he is in business studies and really enjoying Accounting. He put it on but I don't know how much he'll wear it.

 After a lovely lunch Robbie indulged my "need" to check out my favorite bead store (Hi Beads) which is right next door . I was restrained ( this time) in that  I only bought some beading wire and 2 clasps. I won't tell you what I spent on my last visit there!

After the bead browse we went into another favorite shop on Queen St West called, Mokuba. It's a Japanese shop devoted entirely to ribbons. Every kind and colour of ribbon and cord is available there. It's like a giant candy store. It might be a common find in Japan but I don't imagine there's many shops like this in North America. I had to show it to all my blogging buddies!

Even Robbie was captivated!

 And this is their great window's all untwisted rope strands in a rainbow of colours. OMG it's a wonderful place to browse! If you're ever in TO you have to check it out.

Well, that was my latest urban adventure. I'm working away at cooking my Bead Soup for next weekend so I better get to it and I have some new items to list in my Etsy shop so please check it out later today !


  1. What a lovely picture from you, Nan :0))) I like your smiling - such a happy smile!
    Still one week to go for the reveal .... you can't imagine how hard-pressed I am. But I will get ready .... (hope so ;0)) What about you?

  2. Hi Michi. I'm sure that whatever you create will be beautiful. I am really enjoying working with the soup you sent, especially your lamp work beads.......gorgeous!!!!
    I have several pieces on the go but I'm not sure will make the reveal. They need lots of tweeking and finishing.


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