Monday, 26 May 2014

My Country, Blog Hop

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My Country Blog Hop

Last summer I hosted my first ever Blog Hop and had a great time so I decided to do it again with a few changes. Please share with your friends.
My Country Blog Hop July 1, 2014

The focus was on making jewelry that was representative of your home nation. That seemed a little limited to me so this year I'm opening it up to all craftspeople.
Most of us know many details about our country, province, state, county or hometown. Imagine you have to show somebody something about your home in a handmade product. It can be jewelry, fabric arts, clothing, drawing, painting, etc. Literally anything you can make which will highlight something about your home which may not be common knowledge to outsiders is acceptable. 
We all love our homes and this is a chance to show off it's best features. 
It is great fun to learn about the homes of our blogging friends and it is a challenge to create a work of art that best tells a story about our homelands.
You don't have to currently live there , either. It can be where you were born, where you once lived, where your ancestors originated or almost any other reason that you are knowledgeable about this place.
Examples from last year's hop include a polymer clay flower that are the provincial flower of a province; jewelry inspired by the corn of Mexico, a bracelet to commemorate the coronation of the new king of The Netherlands, earrings that look like the flags of the Switzerland and Portugal. You can see that there was a variety of submissions and each artist also told a story about their home and their artistic inspiration. It's just for fun as a challenge and we all get to learn something new and see what other craftspeople are up to in their homes.


Please leave your name , email address and location you have chosen to represent in the comments before June 10th,2014. If you prefer not to post your email address you can send  it to me at

By the way, July 1st is Canada Day so you can expect many Canadian references like the following:

I'm looking forward to welcoming all of you to the celebration of my country and getting to know something new about yours. Can't wait to see what you create!!!!


  1. Hi Nan, This sounds like fun! I would love to join in. I live in the big state of Texas.
    Karla Morgan

  2. I'm happy to take part again! I think ill narrow the region down from Australia to South Australia this time.
    Karen Mitchell

  3. Hi Nan :) I'm in! I love this one -- lots of fun. My area this year will be my city, tropical paradise Disneyland and Universal flowers everywhere, Orlando (with a rolling "rrrr")!! I added our new blog button-badge, too.

    xxoo Rita

    My info:

    Orlando, Florida
    Toltec Jewels

  4. So glad to read, you feel better Nan! I'm looking forward to see your country hop results here - it sounds interesting! To bad, I'm not able to join you. The pictures of your homeland are breathtaking - wish I'm able to visit your country some day :0))

  5. I think this sounds like a blast! I am in. I can't make up my mind about where yet! I have several ideas. I will narrow it down in the next couple of days and let you know. Robin Kae Reed,

  6. I'd love to play! Jayne Capps aka Boot~C Oklahoma is what I will be representing.

  7. Sure, I'll join in. Representing Australia!
    Melissa Trudinger
    melissa_trudinger at yahoo dot com

  8. I want join in too. Representing Puerto Rico!
    Johana Nunez

  9. Sounds fun, I am from Alberta and would love to join in!

  10. LiliKrist
    Surabaya, Indonesia

  11. I'd love to join in and represent my Province of Ontario Canada.

  12. Hi I am Divya from India and would like to join in by making something that represents India's cultural divesities. my mail id is jewelsofsayuri@gmail(.)com

  13. Hi, would love to join in. Not sure what state or city I will present.


  14. Hi Nan, I would love to join in ♥again (-: I'm from The Netherlands. It was so much fun last year... We got 'our new King', so now I'll start thinking about something special for this challenge! I have some ideas already...

    Thank ♥you for organizing this challenge!

  15. This sounds like fun. Count me in to represent the Grand Canyon State, Arizona, USA.

  16. I'd love to join in - I'm Rosantia from Bulgaria and I'll be thrilled to do this blog hop :)

  17. I am in and have decided to concentrate on Indiana and where I live. Can you cay out in the middle of nowhere??? LOL

  18. I'd like to give this a try. I'm in Texas and do wildlife management on our small Texas ranch, so it will be something to do with that.

  19. I wanna play! I'm originally from New Orleans, Louisiana so I'm gonna choose there! This is going to be fun! Thank you!

  20. I'm in! =) I'm from Minnesota, but lived in Washington DC for most of my adult life.... awww yeah!

    linda at cherryOnTopDesign dot co

  21. I would like to join. I tried to post from my Ipad a few days ago, but nothing happened.
    Inge von Roos
    My blog:

  22. Hi Nan - please can I join in? My blog is and my email is and I will post about New Zealand.
    Thanks heaps xx Nat

  23. Just saw this. Would love to join in.


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