Friday, 13 June 2014

Announcing the Participants in My Country Blog Hop

A few weeks ago I posted about the upcoming blog hop I am hosting for July 1 called My Country Blog Hop. I am very pleased with the response and can't wait to see what everybody creates for the reveal.
The concept is for each participant to choose a locale they are familiar with and create a work of art inspired by that place. This is the second year for this hop and it is lots of fun to see what everyone comes up with.
Each blog will feature a description of the inspiration behind the creation and we will all learn something new and interesting about different parts of the world while sharing about our own homes.
This lovely Trillium, official provincial flower of Ontario where I live, was the inspiration behind my first attempt at a polymer clay cane
This was my final result which I was not too happy with. However it was my first attempt and quite a new challenge for me.

Last year it was all about jewelry but I've expended the field this year and any handmade work is acceptable. You can make jewelry, drawings, paintings, paper art, textile art, sculpture, etc.whatever helps you to tell a story. We will all post photos of our creations and share the inspiration that led to the results. 
You could make polymer clay replicas of these Pennsylvania landmarks!
Or Union Jack earrings to show your British roots.

Japanese kimono fabric can turn up in many art forms.

It is truly an international blog event with participants from the Far East, The Antipodes, the Middle East, Europe, USA, the Caribbean and Canada. Thanks to all for joining in. Here are the lovely folks who signed up. Please check back on July 1 for the reveal.

Hostess: Nan Smith  (Canada)                   

1. Ana (Portugal)                                             

2.Rita  (Orlando)                                       

3. Dini (The Netherlands)                          

4. Robin Reed  (Indiana)                    

5. Lilik Kristiana   (Indonesia )                   

6. Karla Morgan  (Texas)                          

7. Karen Mitchell (South Australia)        

8. Jayne Capps  (Oklahoma)                  
9. Melissa Trudinger  (Australia)        

10. Johana Nunez  (Puerto Rico)                      

11. Kepi  (Alberta)                                                                    
12. Deb Fortin  (Ontario)                               

13. Divya  (India)                                                                    

14. Tammy Adams  (Arizona)                   

15. Kay Thomerson  (Texas)                                                        
  16. Bairozan  (Bulgaria)                                                  

17. Carolyn's Creations  (           )

18. Lecia Woessner   (New Orleans)        

19. Linda A.  (Wash. D.C.                 

20.Inge Van Roos (California)                

21. Natalie   (New Zealand)        

22. Lori Schneider (              )                  

23.Mary Harding (New York) 

24. Bouchra Rebai (Algeria)                     
25.Michelle McCarthy  (Florida )  


  1. Thats a great list, waiting for july 1st

  2. Very exciting list of participants. Can't wait to see what is made, and learn more about all those places.

  3. what a splendid hopI didn't enter but I will be checking up on the woman made nammade. this concept grows on me the more I think about it

  4. It's such a great idea, Nan! Looking forward to see what all of you will create!
    xoxo, Michi

  5. Great list! Can't wait for July 1st!

    Btw, there's a spelling error in my last name, in both the name column and the URL to my blog. It should be Rebiai - :)


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