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Hi there!  Next Tuesday, July 1 is the second annual My Country Blog Hop where participants will highlight their country by creating handmade art and telling the story behind it's creation. I thought of this idea while participating in Lori Anderson's 7th  Bead Soup Blog Party last year. I love that our community of designers and makers is international and that we share our passions across all borders. It is a thrill to meet other bloggers from all across the world and share our many experiences, both about jewelry and life in general.

I have always been a proud Canadian but this patriotism grew when I lived in the UK for four years (1997-2001). I found myself having to explain what being a Canadian meant to me and sharing all that I love about living here. These feelings of pride and patriotism have stayed with me since I returned here and I have become a big booster of everything Canadian. Most Canadians already know many of the wonderful aspects about our country but over the years I have realized that the world in general needs more Canada! So this is my share what I love about this wonderful country and what it means to be Canadian.

Of course, being Canadian, I don't like to brag!!!! ( we are known as polite and self-effacing people).Therefore I invited other bloggers to join in to share what they love or have learned about their country and then  to stretch their creativity to create a work of art that reflects their country. It's a great opportunity to see your home from the point of view of others and to learn what there is to love in living elsewhere. Please follow along and check out the other participants art and stories.

The event takes place on July 1, 2014 which is our big national birthday celebration, Canada Day. On that day you can hop to the blogs of the following participants and enjoy their contribution.

My Country Blog Hop Participants

Nan Smith (hostess|)     

1. Ana (Portugal)                                             

2.Rita  (Orlando)                                       

3. Dini (The Netherlands)                          

4. Robin Reed  (Indiana)                    

5. Lilik Kristiana   (Indonesia )                   

6. Karla Morgan  (Texas)                          

7. Karen Mitchell (South Australia)        

8. Jayne Capps  (Oklahoma)                  
9. Melissa Trudinger  (Australia)        

10. Johana Nunez  (Puerto Rico)                      

11. Kepi  (Alberta)                                                                    
12. Deb Fortin  (Ontario)                               

13. Divya  (India)                                                                    

14. Tammy Adams  (Arizona)                   

15. Kay Thomerson  (Texas)                                                        
16. Bairozan  (Bulgaria)                                                  

17. Carolyn's Creations  (           )

18. Lecia Woessner   (New Orleans)        

19. Linda A.  (Wash. D.C.                 

20.Inge Van Roos (California)                

21. Natalie   (New Zealand)        

22. Lori Schneider (              )                  

23.Mary Harding (New York) 

24. Bouchra Rebai (Algeria)                     
25.Michelle McCarthy  (Florida ) 

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  1. I can't wait to see everybody's creations on reveal day.
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