Sunday, 9 March 2014

Bead Soup is Served!

     Exactly what is  Bead Soup Blog Party?  Lori Anderson conceived the idea several years ago of an exchange of jewelry components between jewelry  artists and the challenge is for each artist is to create one or more pieces of jewelry using any or all of the bead soup they are sent. Each participant must  send a clasp , a focal, and some accent beads. The recipient has to use the clasp and focal in a design, though not necessarily in the same piece. They can add beads and things from their own stash to add their own individual flavour. It is an enormous undertaking on Lori's part and a very generous gift to the world of handmade jewelry.

     This event spans the world with participants from every continent sharing their beads and design ideas. There are 500 participants!! Many have been part of this fun from the beginning but most of us have jumped on board over the last few years as word of the best party ever spread across the blogosphere.

     On reveal day,May 3, 2014, we all post photos of our final creations on our respective blogs.Then the party starts as  we visit as many of the other participant's blogs as we can, leaving comments and admiring the diversity of designs and talent.
     Lori Anderson is an amazing woman who coordinates all of the partners so that you never get the same partner as before and if you're a newbie you may be paired up with a more experienced jewelry artist who has been in the BSBP before and will help you learn the ropes. It's a phenomena undertaking and Lori does a great job no matter what is going on in her life including being extremely ill for the last year!l 

Thank you, Lori!!! 

     Now I will show you my pixellated version of the bead soup that is on it's way to Austria once the post office opens tomorrow. I had way too much fun playing with Photoshop to create this picture and there's no guessing what is in it. One clue is that none of the beads or components are grey....that's just the background. 

Enjoy, Michi.

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  1. OMG - I already enjoy the prospect! What an explosion of colours! :0)
    Your's will be on it's way tomorrow, Nan!


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