Thursday, 20 March 2014

Soups On!!!!

Wow, talk about fast! My bead soup arrived today  and I'm excited to share it but will wait until my partner gets hers. Then we'll do our reveal close together. I have to confess that I have opened it and am gobsmacked by all of it's beady wonderfulness! The packaging was wonderful with handmade paper bags closed with washi tape and decorated with custom made cards clipped on with mini wooden clothespins. We took a picture but it doesn't really show much detail. I pad pictures are great until you zoom, plus it was a cloudy day today so not much light.
Anyway this is the only picture I have of the packaging so it will have to do.

You can see how excited I was to receive my gift from Michi in  Austria.
And I was the only one excited about the new goodies in my Bead Soup ! Meet Maggie!
Thank you, Michi! It's all so wonderful!


  1. What a charming smile :0))) Thank you for your lovely words, my dear - I'm so glad, you love it!
    xoxo, Michi

  2. Hi Nan, thanks for sharing your link with me! What fun packaging for the soup you received! I look forwarding to seeing photos of both soups! :)

  3. Not sure how I missed this post, Nan :) Can't wait to see your goodies!


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