Monday, 24 March 2014

It's official!

I spent ALL DAY yesterday setting up my Etsy shop and adding listings for 6 items (only) ! I can't believe how much work is involved and there's still so much to learn about this business. Now I know why I procrastinated  for so long. However, it is a lot of fun seeing my jewelry listed and to get feedback from people. One of the biggest errors I made was mis-spelling the name of the shop. I made a typo while setting it up and it's now known as "nanmade jewelery" with an extra "e" added after the "l. My bad! Here's the link.
I created a business page on Facebook at the same time. The link to it  is here.

Lampwork from Spawn of Flame.
Here's two examples of what I listed in the shop. Hope you like them! Details are on the Etsy site.
Lampwork from Studio Juls


  1. Congratulations on opening your shop! Good luck as well. Jewelry is one of the more difficult things to sell on Etsy (first hand experience), but if you push it you'll be able to sell. I love the fish charms btw.

  2. Congrats on taking this big step, Nan :) As to the spelling blip, who is to say if the unusual doesn't have a positive impact? Best of luck :) I faved your shop and one of your designs.

  3. Congratulations, Nan! Don't worry about the extra "e" - (I always made that fault, when I write English ... and correct it mostly of the times ;0)) perhaps it's the omen for success. All the best for your new shop!


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