Sunday, 2 March 2014

Red Letter Day! 2 great things in my life.

 I got my partner for the 8th Bead Soup Blog Party and I'm thrilled to meet her. Her name is Michi Pabeschitz from Austria and she does amazing lampwork which is great since I have recently fallen in love in all things handmade from glass! She is very talented and makes the most fun creations I have ever seen. Everyone of them brings a smile to my face! Please check out her blog and shop. Her Etsy shop is La Mar De Bonita. She has sent me a lovely email which I will reply to tonight because I've been busy today and finally accomplished something for :

Thank you Sharyl Mcmillian-Nelson for creating this challenge because it booted me into action to finally  re-organize my jewelry work space. Unfortunately I am two days late for the reveal , but hey, better late than never!!! Without further ado here is what I've done this weekend.

I built this bookshelf and rearranged my bead storage so it's closer to me when I'm working. I hope that having everything close to me will inspire me to return things to their place instead of overloading  my table! We'll see!!!

My table is tidied and ready for work. Those are the tools I use everyday for jewelry making. My hammers, files, tumbler, polymer clay tools, pasta maker and toaster oven  are in my basement in"nanmade studio" Part Deux.  I found some wonderful bits and pieces on the table that I had forgotten about so it was like getting new treasures. I also found this wooden thingy which I bought in an antique store to use as a mandrel for making hoop earrings. It's about 8 inches (20 cm.) long and made out of lovely aged wood. Does anybody know what it is? 

I'll give away a pair of silver hoop earrings to somebody who comments on this blog post. Hopefully there will still be a few this late in the day. I'll pick a name at random from commentators.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my workspace cleaned up and re-organized. There is more work to come but not today. It's Oscar night and I need a nap before they start! I'll post any updates and changes I make over the next few weeks (or months!)

 Have a lovely Sunday evening all!


  1. Wow that is a clean workspace. Wish I had room for a bookcase next to my table. Looks like you will be super productive with this setup.

  2. Your work space looks great! So organized and lovely. The wooden thingy -- was it once used for planting bulbs or seeds? It reminds me of an antique hand tool I saw in a movie that had the inscription "saved me life in 1802" or something like that... lol! In the movie, it turned out to have been a carved garden tool that had made lots of great food grow for a blizzardy winter! Anyway, maybe that is what it is? Cool tool at any rate!

    Love your new "Nanmade" logo! Oh, that is so witty & charming, Nan :) LOVE it! Have fun with Michi! Handmade lampwork sounds wonderful & Austria is way cool too. She has a wonderful BSBP8 partner in you, my friend!

  3. Haha, I think I need a clean up challenge too :0) Looking forward to sour partnership, Nan!
    xoxo, Michi

  4. What an inviting space! I can't wait to see your soup creation and I will go check out your partner too!

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  6. Ahh! So tidy! I've been on a cleaning mission, too! There is something wonderful about starting fresh, with a clean slate. I predict lots of 'great makings for you!
    The wooden it a wool spinner? I think I've seen those, to spin roving into thread. Definitely a true vintage piece!

  7. Nan your space looks wonderful. You did a great job of cleaning up. I am impressed that you even made the bookcase. I am really enjoying seeing everyone's work spaces.


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